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I'm so glad you stumbled across this little pixelated corner of the internet! 

My name is Emily and I'm a Japanese American teen with an unmerited, undeserved citizenship in heaven, bought for me by the blood of Jesus

The format of this website might be a little different than from what you're used to, so let me explain: instead of putting all my content here on a blog, I'm sending it out to my email list, where I will be most active. Those who sign up will get a passcode giving them acess to the archive on this website, where they can see all the past emails. If you're curious about what else those that sign up will receive, take a scroll below! 

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If you're interested in signing up, the sign-up form is located below. Even if you don't sign up, thank you for being here, and for reading this far. Feel free to poke around this website to the pages you can access, and let me know what you think!